Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013)

Title: Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko
Artist: Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi
Played: 299 times


Thought I’d post mom’s favorite today.

Can’t wait for Jinora’s tattoos!!!

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First light…. Last breath…

of an…

Extinguished Lamp (p.1)

“Met Paro?…”

With his eternal care to never touch her skin, he takes her hand by the elegant bracelet he knows so well, his low and calm voice is like a melodious note melting in the water’s fallings sound surrounding them… she raises her eyes to him timidly, blushing… this strange feeling of warmness emanating from her chest to her whole body and concentrating on her cheeks, a feeling she didn’t even know about before meeting him. He adds with a sad smile: “- How did you find my Paro?”

She smiles back wider, no she’s not jealous, she has never been, never will… she knows the limits of her so-cheap presence near this man her heart is beating for,she knows that the simple fact that he allows her this conversation is a precious providential gift …illusional gift… she chases the suffocating reality away from her thoughts and replies with a sincere tone, a calculated smile on her lips seeing his eyes fixing hers trying to read her ideas:

“- lf love be personified… Paro’s would be the being, hers the very heart” 

Amused, he takes a deep breath before standing up and takes some steps toward the bed, her heart sinks to see him putting a hand on his side with a painful expression on his sweet tormented face… again, she searches the force to keep a joyful atmosphere… for him… for what the doctor said… she must distract him… keep him happy… as happy as his sad and wounded soul can be… his words fills her heart with tenderness: 
”- Forbidden though it is, l always… end up with a metaphor about eyes”

Pointing a finger behind him while sitting on the comfortable couch, he explains:
”- One Paro…

She joins him slowly with her feline steps when he points his finger toward her: 

“… and one, Chandramukhi” .Like always, her name on his lips is like a caress she’s dreaming of…

She sits on the floor next to his feet ordering her tarot cards mechanically, looks to his eyes just enjoying his gracious words:
”One, sentimental, vivacious… And you…”

He approaches her, so near that she feels his breath brushing her face when he describes her :
how delicate, how demure”

She has a small giggle and stands up trying to escape his delicious but insupportable nearness, sometimes… not to be allowed to touch him feels like burning in fire…. She returns to the low table saying on a lighter note:

”She is fickle, like a doe,
gushing like a river…”
”the liar, the butterfly, the Moon
and you…?”

Following her with his eyes, he replies with a melancholic voice:
”Poem? Ballad?
Some tears, sometimes fire”

She sits on the ground again drinking his words like an elixir not able to escape his gaze, she puts her long black silky hair behind her ear before turning her back to him, trying to put her cards in their box … shelets out her sad reflection surprising herself… 
”Everyone loves her….

Did she really say it!?… she keeps her eyes on the box, nervous… she never lets her sadness reach him…. She can’t face him when he says on a detached tone a so-simple fact… painful truth: 
“- And you, unloved by all …. “ 

He makes a pause before adding with an indulgent gaze on her:

… except me?”

For a moment she forgets to breathe, her heart even stops beating and turning to him she’s hypnotized by the silent invitation in his eyes, she doesn’t believe herself… did he say it? Is he really waiting for her, bending his head on his side with a hand held out toward her:


His deep voice escaped those luscious lips, caressing her name again… something was growing in her stomach that finds its way to her throat where it stops, air? She can’t remember how she breathed till this moment… her eyes are stinging and his marvelous face is blurred when she finds the force to stand up… walk to him and spread her arm instinctively to reach his hand… feeling his skin under hers. Taking it, she finally joins him and sits next to him not able to take her eyes off his….

Trembling, she takes his face in her two hands caressing its rough skin under her fingers, his cheeks, his temples, his lower lip… it can’t be true…

Air finding finally its way to her lungs, breaks her last borders and she starts crying taking his hand in hers again to rest her forehead on… like trying to hide herself from him

”What is this, Chandramukhi?…

His broken voice is full of tenderness and gratitude, and trying to take a severe tone of reproach, he adds holding his own tears:
l was likening you to fortitude”
”What do you turn out to be? A wax doll?

His forced smile makes her sob , she turns her head away from him not able to say a word, he adds:

“Look at you, melting away”
Will you let the candle melt away
and cast me in darkness?”

The metaphor makes her giggle but she’s submerged by her tears which makes her sob more and more… Devdas brings his free hand to her chin pressing it to force her to face him. He frowns with an indulgent smirk tilting his head, his hand erases a tear on the corner of her eye, then another on the other side but he couldn’t stop them, he shifts his gaze to her shining hazelnut iris when he sees one more heavy tear escapes her long lashes to slide to the corner of her lips where he presses his thumb again, instinctively he caresses her lips’ borders discovering their shape with a sort of fascination… when he feels the wet other corner under his finger’s tip, he leans his head to gently harvest another tear with his lips. … the intimate touch makes her heart skips a beat… her lips open under his caress while he puts a chain of light kisses on her face tasting the salty wet skin until her closed eye… she takes a deep breath not aware that she hadn’t since he touched her face… when did she stop crying?

His fingers make their way to her hair which he pulls back to free her face making it rise to his, he scans every inch of its features waiting…

Waiting… she is waiting too… her lips semi-open, her moving with the heavy rhythm of her breath, she’s unable to do anything but wait under the fire his proximity is setting in her, the delicious painful tension her body is imprisoned in, she had this dream every night for a year… she’s sure she’ll be awakened by someone, something just now he’s so close… his breath on her face, his fingers in her hair… when would this torture finish?… her heart can’t support it more, when she feels his thumb caressing her temple, she opens her eyes instinctively to see him smile…

“You’ve done so much for me… Chandramukhi…”

He whispers looking deeply in her eyes, she wants to say that she hasn’t, that she would give anything for him, that she… she opens her lips but closes them not finding appropriate words… opens them again but before any word could find its way between them, they are possessed by Devdas’ in a soft, a chaste kiss electrifying her senses, spreading sparkles all over her body while slowly, kindling her skin and burning her blood under it… he draws her to him possessively pulling firmly on her hair, he deepness his kiss, discovering, ordering, asking and begging for what? Doesn’t he know that she’s all his

She raises her hands to his hair taking some locks in her closed fists responding to his kiss feverishly, opening her lips to breathe, their tongues meet immediately, explore and melt in a sensual long dance taking their breaths away.

He breaks their contact suddenly keeping his grasp on her neck and pulling her so he can look in her eyes, she’s blushing, trying hardly to breathe, feeling her heart pounding in her throat, its beats deafening her ears… how can he be so quiet looking at her titling his head on side with a smile? Doesn’t she have any effect on him?…

“Chandramukhi…I’ve been wondering how does those luscious lips taste since you put your finger on my neck with perfume!” He sighs rubbing her upper lip with his thumb setting shivers over all her body.

Tears fills her eyes again making him frowns with a grimace, he shakes his head slowly from one side to the other kissing her again… softly, slowly gliding his fingers in her long strands. She ceases caressing his face in the need to do more, his neck, his throat to his shoulders, she’s almost holding him when he takes her wrists abruptly breaking their contact, he puts them on her knees and responds to her shocked expression shaking his head again…

She’s about to tell him how much she’s in need to touch him, but his pointed finger at her face stops her… she then remembers his repulsion against her… against what she is… and she looks down ashamed…

So that’s it!… she blames herself mentally for having been so stupid imagining that it can change! She’ll never deserve this kind of closeness… then she blames herself more, what more does she want!? He has just allowed her to be in his embrace, he even kissed her… God… he said he loves her… this must be a dream she’s not allowed to have… if she was able to make any move, she would probably shake her head to chase all those thoughts… 

He considers her, his hands on hers, for a long time then in a gracious imprevisible movement kneels at her feet his hands on her right ankle… she stands up making a step back in shock shouting, regaining her motor abilities:


Her golden payaal rings in his hand, he looks up to her before rising holding his side painfully, he looks around like searching something, then he takes some steps toward her, takes her hand driving her to the bed side near a low table where he lands the jewel gently… his voice is confident and husky when he kneels again at her feet , hypnotized she daren’t move again:

“No… Dev’… babu…” he says separating every word taking off her second anklet before rising up again to her, he holds his hand out to her face, takes her nath in his fingers saying in the same tone, his eyes imprisoning hers :

“No… charming… spellbinding… Courtesan… Chandramukhi….”

He removes the nose ring stroking on his way her cheeks with the back of his fingers, she swallows feeling herself about to faint, she can’t detach her eyes from his burning gaze, something in his posture, his gesture, his voice has changed… this man facing her, she never met before… he caresses some strands of her hair bringing them behind her ear saying:

“SirfDevdas…. Sirf… Chandramukhi…”

He pulls out her earning suddenly making her gasp, her lips parted shuddering imperceptibly, a painful expression flows over her face but she’s still unable to say anything, his hand reaches out to her other ear while he leans towards to her face saying:

“The line between pain and pleasure is so thin… Chandramukhi…”

His breath on her sorrowful ear lobe makes her pant while he’s just taking off the earning on the other side kindly, he prints a chaste kiss on it before whispering so close in her ear:

“It’s always painful… the first time… you know?” 

She can’t help but laugh loudly a hand on her mouth which makes him smile wildly looking deeper in her hazel eyes, she finally could say:

“Zamidarbabu…There is no first times in the life of a….”

“Shhhh…” He stops her a finger on her lips with a so serious expression in his eyes, her smile vanishes instantly.

“I’m talking about –love making- Chandramukhi…”

He runs his fingertipson her lips to her jaw he discovers under his caress keeping his eyes glued to hers, he reaches her neck where he snatches at her necklace breaking it… the contact on her skin makes her shiver and she doesn’t even feel him removing her heavy jewelry saying:

“Have … you… ever … made … love, Chandramukhi?”

She swallows hard not able to say a word, feeling heat on the line drawn by his thumb over her collar bone

“Tell me…”he insists in a hoarse tone, she shakes her head from one side to the other, a wide smile lightens his tormented face:

“I thought so…”

….. To Be Continued​


She was flawless in Devdas

Why are you stoning me now?

I am already wounded.

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